Python Training in Patna

Course Module

Part I: Starting with the basics
  • History of Python language
  • Python question and answer session
  • Ways in which, Python program runs
  • How to run your python programs
Part II: Operations and types
  • Introductory note to python objective types
  • Numeric help
  • Dynamic forum of typing interlude
  • Strings
  • Dictionaries and lists
  • Files, tuples, and other forums
Part III: Syntax and statements
  • Assignments, prints and expressions
  • Introductory note of Python statements
  • IF tests and rules of syntax
  • Comprehensions and iterations – part one
  • Documentation interlude
Part IV: Functions
  • Functional basics and scopes
  • Arguments and advanced function topics
  • Comprehensions and iterations - part two
Part V: Modules
  • The big picture behind modules
  • Module packages and coding basics
  • Advanced topics, based on module structure
Part VI: OOP and Classes
  • Big picture behind OOP
  • Classic coding basics
  • Realistic example behind OOP
  • Class coding details and operator overloading
  • Design with Classes
  • Advanced topics on CLASS
Part VII: Tools and exceptions
  • Basics on Exceptions
  • Coding details and with exception objects
  • Designing your program with exceptions